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    Bring Hybrid Mini-Vans to the U.S.

    You know you should save gas when you drive, but you hate to give up your mini-van for a hybrid sedan, even if it is more fuel-efficient. How will you ever transport the kids, their friends, their sports gear, the dog, the groceries, and everything else from home to school to playing field and back again?

    In Japan, families have a choice completely unavailable in America—a hybrid minivan with fuel economy Estima on par with a compact car. The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) estimates that the Toyota Estima Hybrid could reach around 35 miles per gallon in the United States. "That’s a whopping 50 percent improvement for a minivan," UCS says.

    Toyota hopes to sell about 8,400 Estimas in Japan this year. UCS is encouraging Americans to “show Toyota that the demand for more fuel-economy focused hybrids is even stronger in America” by signing a petition it will deliver to Toyota executives on Memorial Day—the unofficial start of the summer driving (and higher gas price) season, and just before the Toyota annual shareholders meeting.

    Let Toyota know you'd use your purse to buy an energy-efficient mini-van. You have until May 28 to sign the petition.


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    One of the things I was telling my DH is that whenever we have children, I still don't think I'll go for an SUV/mini-van. I grew up without one and was fine! That is great that they are building more and more efficient cars.

    Diane MacEachern

    I used to feel the same way, Vera. Then I had two kids, and one of them became a Boy Scout. For about ten years, every weekend, we were carting at least five boys, all their camping equipment, bikes, etc. out and about. I suppose some kind of station wagon would have been just as serviceable, but the minivan really did the trick. We had a second car, a GeoPrizm, that got great gas mileage and was perfect when we just needed to transport our family. We could also use the subway, and bicycle or walk to nearby destinations. But the minivan was pretty efficient for transporting all those kids and their gear for all those years. Like you, I grew up without either mini-van or SUV. We didn't have seat belts, either. Everyone just piled in the back seat and off we went! :-)

    Diane MacEachern

    I'm not sure. Did you check the website? Good luck.

    Timmy Radloff

    I don't mind carpooling in a green hybrid sedan. The prospect is possible, and America should be able to embrace progress. If it can help promote fuel efficiency and practical thinking, then I'm all for it.

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