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    Do We Really Need Brewed Tea in a Box?

    Hello? Anybody paying attention at Pacific Natural Foods?

    I don’t think so. Otherwise, why would a company that seems so ‘on target’ have completely missed the mark?

    Teablacksmall Their latest offering is brewed tea…sold in a box. And it’s not just any box, either. It’s a 64-ounce, “shelf stable” box you can’t recycle, since it’s made from the same waxy aseptic material juice boxes are made from. All you can do is use up the ingredients inside – which, when you get down to it, are basically nothing more than tea you could easily brew yourself at home – and throw the box away.

    The company calls its boxed tea “exciting.” Somehow, the thrill of spending $5.00 for a big box of flavored water I eventually have to landfill is completely lost on me.

    And honestly, it doesn’t matter if Pacific Natural’s product is organic, fair trade, and otherwise “politically correct.” This is a convenience food at an inconvenient time (i.e., with a global warming impact) that will only add to the trash you have to cart out to the curb or the dump every week.

    Thumb_brown Thumbs down.

    P.S. If you want to send the company a note telling them what you think of their new product, you can contact them here.

    Or maybe you should just send them a tea bag.


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    Amen! I thought it was just me. I hate these aseptic boxes. It drives me crazy when soup is packaged in them. What's wrong with the old can of soup concept? Those cans are easy to recycle! They couldn't pay *me* to drink tea from a box!


    I feel the same way. These companies are just constantly looking for ways to broaden their profit margin, regardless of the environmental impact they have.

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