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Why My Purse is Green

Because I believe…

  • the fastest, most effective way to stop polluters is by pressuring them in the marketplace
  • women can be the world’s most powerful economic and environmental force if we intentionally shift our spending to the best green products and services
  • women have the power right now to solve many of our most serious environmental problems by using our green purses to make a difference
  • women must act – intentionally, collectively, and with the full force of our purse power behind us – if we hope to leave our children and grandchildren a better world.
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    September 24, 2007

    A Thousand Dollars Adds Up Fast

    Picture_001_2 The "One in a Million" Campaign is urging a million women to shift $1,000 of money they'd spend in a year anyway to green products and services that can help protect the environment. Women are finding all kinds of ways to swap out "brown" products for "green."

    Erin just sent the balance sheet she downloaded from the Big Green Purse website to help her keep track of her purchases and report  back on her pledge. It only took her six months to become "One in a Million." Her secret? She bought two water saving toilets for a total of almost $600, then made up the difference in organic groceries, safe cleansers, and organic potting soil.

    Take a look at Erin's shopping list. Does it give you any ideas how  you can swap your current purchases for green ones that would make a difference?

    If you haven't signed up to be One in a Million yet, join us today.

    If you're part of the movement, let us know how your campaign is going. We'd love to feature you  - just send a photo and your balance sheet.

    Erin's One in a Million Balance Sheet

         Date                   Item                                            Money Spent

    2/14/07            Toilet 1.3 gal flush (white) no tax                   281.45

    3/11/07            Toilet 1.3 gal flush (tan)                                 308.52

    ----------------------------------------------------------       sub total  589.97

    4/23/07               Prego organic spaghetti sauce                        3.29 

    4/23/07            2- 7th Generation Dish Liquid                           4.88    

    4/23/07       7th Generation fabric softener                               3.35

    4/23/07            2-Private Selection Organic tomato                   1.98

    4/23/07            2- Private Organic Black Beans                         1.98

    4/23/07            7th Generation dishwashing detergent                6.28

    4/23/07            2-Swanson Organic vegetable broth                   6.58

    4/23/07            2- Envirokids cereal                                           5.00

    4/23/07            2-Naturally Preferred Eggs                                  4.00

    4/23/07            2-Naturally Preffered Angel Hair Pasta                2.98

    4/23/07            Muir Glen Organic Salsa                                      3.29

    4/23/07            Organic apples                                                   2.99

    --------------------------------------------------             sub total     636.57

    5/1/07              2-Green Forest Tissues                                     3.18

    5/1/07              3- Bon Ami Cleanser                                         5.67

    5/1/07              Green Forest Toilet Paper                                  6.99

    --------------------------------------------------Sub total                  652.41

    5/2/07              organic apples                                                   2.65

    5/2/07              2-Westbrae black beans                                     3.40

    ---------------------------------------------------            sub total     658.46

    5/10/07            Dr. Bronner’s Soap                                            3.19

    “        “             EnviroKids Cereal                                                3.99

    “    “                 Healthy Valley cereal                                           2.79

    “    “               Nature's Gate shampoo                                         5.59

    “    “                 Healing Garden organic bar soap                         6.29

    “                       Naturally Preferred Eggs                                     2.69

    “                       2-SC Imagine organic corn soup                         5.78

    “                       Red Delicious organic apples                              1.50

    “                       Simply Organic Sloppy Joe mix                          1.29

    “                       Red pepper organic                                          2.64

    5/10/07            2- Westbrae Black beans                                  3.98

    “                       Westbrae organic chili beans                            1.69

    _________________________________        sub total             699.88 

    5/21/07            2-EG organic potting soil                                  5.28

    --------------------------------------------------          sub total      705.16 

    5/30/07            Nature's Gate Lotion                                        4.69

                            7th Generation glass cleaner                             4.69

                            Organic Koala Crisp cereal                                3.59

                            Annie's Crackers                                              2.69

                            BTN wheat crackers                                         1.60

                            2-Newman organic raisins                                 5.00

                            Chun Express noodle meal                                 2.99

                            Imagine soup                                                    3.29

                            Organic ground beef Coleman                         17.97

                            Granny Smith organic apples                              4.29

    ------------------------------------------------------         sub total   755.96

    6/6/07              Miracle Grow organic potting soil                      3.97

                            Plant Tone Organic plant food                           5.19

                            Chicken breasts                                                6.22

                            Kellog’s Organic rice krispies                             3.69

                            2-Celestial Seasonings tea                                 5.00

                            Fruit bars                                                         2.79

                            Coleman natural beef                                        9.04

                            SG- Natural wipes                                             3.79

                            Muir organic pasta sauce                                   3.69

                            Kroeger 100% grape juice                                  2.38

                            Coleman Beef                                                 10.12

                            2- Imagine organic corn soup                            6.58

                            2- Imagine organic been soup                            6.58

                            Peach white organic juice                                  3.14

                            Organic apricots                                                2.96

                            Motts 100% apple juice                                      2.50

    ----------------------------------------------------        sub total      833.60

                            Green culture shower head 1.75 GPM                19.50

    7/1/07              Newman Organic cookies                                   2.99

                            Annie’s crackers                                                2.50

                            2-Annie's pasta                                                  4.00

                            Annie's shell pasta                                             1.79

                            Muir Glen salsa                                                  3.29

                            Nature's Premium organic canola spray                3.99

    -------------------------------------------------------sub total            871.66


                            2- organic ribeye steak                                     21.98

                            2-Annie’s pasta                                                 4.00

                            Chicken breasts                                                 4.01

                            Chicken breasts                                                 3.50

                            Coleman hamburger                                           9.64

                            “                   “                                                    9.04

                            Garden of Eatin chips                                          3.59

    ------------------------------------------------------sub total              927.42


                            Organic apples                                                     4.29

                            Green Forest toilet paper                                      6.99

                            Organic Raisin Bran                                              3.59

                            Annie's crackers                                                   2.50

                            2-Annie's pasta                                                     4.00

                            Kashi crackers                                                       2.50

                            NW shake- organic veg. shake mix                       19.49

                            7th Generation dish soap                                       3.49

                            Avalon face cleanser                                              6.59

                            Tom’s natural deodorant                                        4.99

                            Welch’s 100 juice                                                   2.50

                            Coleman’s natural beef                                          7.49

                            Chicken breasts natural                                            3.20

                            Coleman’s natural beef                                              8.81

    -----------------------------------------------------sub total                    1007.85

                                                 I lost some receipts in July but still made over $1,000.00 and counting!

    Congratulations, Erin!!! Great Job!!

    September 19, 2007

    New Book Encourages Teens to Get with the (Turtle) Beat!

    Covermed Living in Costa Rica, Marina Kuperman has been inspired to protect sea turtles. Her new book Turtle Feet, Surfer's Beat is one way she's helping to educate and involve teenagers in understanding how important it is to protect these animals from extinction.

    The story revolves around a typical suburban American, Penelope, who is forced to go to Costa Rica with her parents when her father gets a new job. Her parents enroll an unwilling Penelope and her little brother at the Leatherback Turtle Biological Station camp.  Penelope isn't pleased but forgives the horrid accommodations and the never ending bug brigade when she sees the turtle. She pledges to do all she can to save it from extinction. But hang ten, dudes! Penelope is about to get help.  One lonely night, as she's patrolling the beach for turtle poachers, she stumbles and falls directly into the arms of the local surf champ.  Together they dive into the world of surfing and marine preservation.

    I interviewed Marina recently during her blog tour.

    What took you to Costa Rica in the first place? I moved to Costa Rica about 4 years ago because my husband got a full grant to get his masters degree in Wildlife Management here.  And because it's such a great place we decided to stay.

    How did you get involved with the turtles? We took a trip to Tamarindo beach and Playa Grande.  At night the thing to do is to go on a tour to the Leatherback  Turtle Biological Center and see the turtles lay their eggs.  It was one of the most magical moments of my life, and when I found out that they are on the brink of extinctioin I was moved to act.  My son is three years old, and I really want him to see this animal in its natural habitat when he grows up. With that in mind, I became inspired to write a young adult book about marine preservation. Environmental education, if not handled properly, can be an extremely boring topic, so I incorporated the surf town of Tamarindo with surfing action, beach parties, teen romances and marine preservation.

    Why did you decide to write a book aimed at teenagers?  Teens and kids are the future. They will be the most affected by the problems of today. However, since they are not so set in their ways yet, it's easier for them to start changing the way they do things from an early age so that it becomes part of their life. 

    What are you doing in Costa Rica besides writing books? For now I'm focusing on getting my website and teen community going.

    Can teenagers really make a difference in protecting the turtles, or on any other environmental issue? Absolutely. It's about making the right moves from the start rather than doing something wrong and then trying to repair it. The thing with teens, if they are having a fun time doing something, it doesn't
    seem like they are really doing anything at all, it just feels right!

    How threatened are the turtles in Costa Rica and elsewhere? They are literally almost extinct. 15 years ago 1600 turtles came to nest on Playa Grande; today, if there are 50 turtles they call it a good year.  Scientists are predicting that if we don't do something drastic, there will be no more leatherbacks in less than 10 years.

    What are the biggest threats the turtles face? Overdevelopment.  Beach front land is hot property no matter where you live.  The strong lights, too much noise and pets scare the turtles away and they end up staying in the waters and not coming in to lay their eggs.

    Bannermed For more information about the community of teens, surfers, artists, scientists and everyone else Marina is involving in marine preservation, visit

    September 14, 2007

    Green Shopping Makes a Difference

    Big Green Purse encourages women to make a difference in the marketplace because the marketplace is what ruins or restores the environment. The dynamic works like this:

    Women’s enormous consumer clout is critical to manufacturers' success.

    Manufacturing to meet consumer demand drives pollution and climate change.

      Pollution and climate change affect our health and safety.

    If we use our consumer clout to change manufacturing, we protect our health and safety.

    We need to use our consumer clout because laws and regulations can’t do the job alone. 

    Because we spend $.85 of every dollar in the marketplace, we have the clout to make a difference.

    Green shopping has already had a major eco impact. It’s forced manufacturers to build hybrid cars, produce cosmetics without phthalates and parabens, grow food organically, save rainforests, and more.

    Just as importantly, buying environmentally-friendly products allows women to create healthier, safer homes for their own families. Exercising control over their purchases gives women a chance to “live green” even when legislators and industries oppose laws and regulations to benefit their bottom line rather than planet.

    It would be terrific to pass a spate of new green laws. Even better would be to enforce existing legislation and regulations aimed at clean air and water, endangered species, rainforests and other wild places, and global warming. Until then, we can continue to shift our spending to green products and services that  make a difference in the marketplace – and to our own daily lives.

    One_in_a_million_module_2  The One in a Million campaign is inspiring women to make a difference. By encouraging a million women to shift an initial $1,000 of their existing household budgets into green goods, women can provide a billion dollar catalyst to manufacturing to "go green." Elana Centor wrote a terrific post on One in a Million for BlogHer. Mary Hunt at In Women We Trust is another avid proponent of women's power in the marketplace and the One in a Million Campaign.

    September 11, 2007

    The Coolest Recycling Site on the Web

    Header1 You can recycle anything, and LivePaths proves it. One of the hippest, coolest sites on the Web, LivePaths showcases people and companies that make “recycling” seem like the latest “gotta do it” craze.

    This is way beyond taking your bottles and cans to the street. We’re talking links to URLs you’d probably never find on your own, like Swaptree if you want to trade your old CDs, videogames and music for others; or my personal favorite discovery, Bag,  Borrow or Steal, a site that leases handbags the way Netflix loans out DVDs.  You can find “the best products made from recycled or sustainable materials for the green consumer” on the site’s ShopGreen pages, and get answers to your recycling questions at the FAQ.

    Lots of “Wow!” factor here – for content as well as design. Recycling never seemed so cool.

    September 03, 2007

    Aurora Dairy Undercuts Consumer Confidence

    Aod_logo One of the nation's largest organic dairies must stop using the organic label on some of its products because it is not producing that milk organically.

    Aurora Organic Dairy provides the organic milk Wal-Mart, Costco, Wild Oats, Trader Joe’s and Safeway sell under their own brand names. The dairy agreed to make major changes in the way it operates a Colorado facility and, reports Environmental News Service, stop posting the organic label to some of its milk after the U.S Department of Agriculture threatened to revoke its organic certification for not allowing its cows enough time at pasture. To continue operating as a certified organic dairy, Aurora must provide daily access to pasture during the growing season.

    The USDA action was initiated in 2005 when the Wisconsin-based Cornucopia Institute, an advocate for family farms, claimed that Aurora Organic violated federal standards that require access to pasture for organic dairy cows at its Platteville, Colorado facility.  In the course of its investigation, the USDA also determined that animals were not being properly transitioned from traditional to organic practices, among other infractions.

    Under the agreement it reached with the government, Aurora will not renew the organic certification for its Woodward, Colorado facility as it works to improve operations at Platteville. But for consumers, a bigger issue looms.

    Demand for organic milk has never been higher. At the same time, consumer confidence in organic manufacturers is not rock solid, given scandals like these and the general belief many consumers have that “green” and organic products are not worth the extra money they cost.

    When companies like Aurora intentionally undercut the standards they’re supposed to represent, they do a disservice to every other company trying to live up to that standard. They also send a message to shoppers that they can’t trust the marketplace – even though the marketplace is where shoppers can make the greatest difference in protecting the environment.

    Thumb_brown_2 We expect more from organic companies like Aurora. We should get it. Until we do, thumbs down.

    If you want to let Aurora Dairy know they need to earn back your trust, send a letter or make a call to Mark Retzloff, president and “chief organic officer."

    Mark Retzloff
    Aurora Organic Dairy
    1401 Walnut Street, Fifth Floor,
    Boulder, CO 80302

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