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Why My Purse is Green

Because I believe…

  • the fastest, most effective way to stop polluters is by pressuring them in the marketplace
  • women can be the world’s most powerful economic and environmental force if we intentionally shift our spending to the best green products and services
  • women have the power right now to solve many of our most serious environmental problems by using our green purses to make a difference
  • women must act – intentionally, collectively, and with the full force of our purse power behind us – if we hope to leave our children and grandchildren a better world.
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    Another "One in a Million" Shifts Spending to Used Car, Organic Make-up

    One_in_a_million The One in a Million campaign is inspiring thousands of women to shift $1,000 of their household budget to products and services that offer the greatest environmental benefit.
    Meet the latest "Millionaire":  Christine G. from Pittsburgh, PA shifted almost $5,000 in the following ways:
    *  Used Car - $4,700
    *  Organic Makeup - $23.00
    *  Used books for herself and gifts - $103.00
    *  Organic lotions and shampoos - $54.00
    Total Shift:  $4,881.00
    Here's her story:
    " I am recently married, have one spoiled dog name Meeko, a husband Steve who supports the green effort I'm trying to undertake in my own little corner of the world (and who really likes me not buying the unnecessary items at all!). I am in charge of a safety program on the job and have started to incorporate "green living" into safety talks and communications out to the people in the field who work with the same program, though I do not manage any employees directly.
    "I was looking for a "new to me vehicle" and I did not want to buy new and lose value as soon as I drove off the lot.  I look at buying a used vehicle as recycling, but did not look at the mpg as the price was soooo right.  The mpg is no worse than the vehicle I have replaced by buying this used vehicle.
    Re what inspired Christine to become One in a Million? "I want to do my part - once I thought about what "organic" and "free trade" and "shade grown" and all the other phrases really mean, I realized that it's not only good for the planet in the big picture, it's good for me in the immediate future."
    Will she continue to shift her spending? "I do continue to buy greener products and services, though I'm also just not buying as much unnecessary items as I have in the past - and I finally found Bon Ami!!, so I'll be cleaning a little greener, too."
    "I am the major purchaser for the household. I am looking for bamboo flooring in anticipation of when we'll need it in the future for a remodeling project. I'm interested in solar panels or at least sky-lights. I am buying organic groceries as much as possible (milk, parents have a farm so fresh free-range eggs are no problem, local farmer's market fruit and veggies instead of imported and treated from who knows where with who knows what) as well as H&B items (shampoo, cosmetics, sunscreens, etc.)."
    "I will think green before any purchase and purchase to the greenest of my ability - be it gently used, flea market, donation store, hand me overs, etc.  I'm trying to work "green" into everything I can."
    Thumbs up, Christine!Thumb_green


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    Mary Schmidt

    Great examples to help all of us to get a quick handle on making a big difference. I've already dramatically reduced the use of paper and plastic products (one roll of paper towels now lasts me for months.) Stopped using my garbage disposal (well, okay, it broke, but good incentive to stop dumping stuff down the drain.) And, most recently, I'm now buying eco-friendly, reasonably priced detergents at Trader Joe's.

    P.S. I've been using Bon Ami for years - and swear by good old vinegar for all-purpose cleaner (and disinfectant) and baking soda.

    Thanks and keep the positive, "We can do it!" posts coming!

    Diane MacEachern

    Good for you, Mary. I'm a Bon Ami woman, too - when good ol' vinegar and baking soda need some back up. Thanks for writing!

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