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Why My Purse is Green

Because I believe…

  • the fastest, most effective way to stop polluters is by pressuring them in the marketplace
  • women can be the world’s most powerful economic and environmental force if we intentionally shift our spending to the best green products and services
  • women have the power right now to solve many of our most serious environmental problems by using our green purses to make a difference
  • women must act – intentionally, collectively, and with the full force of our purse power behind us – if we hope to leave our children and grandchildren a better world.
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    By Shifting Spending to Bamboo, Organics and Green Cleaners, Mom-to-Be Becomes "One in a Million"

    HoneyLynn, a soon-to-be-mother who joined the Big Green Purse campaign back in March, has shifted almost $2,000 of her household spending to products and services that benefit the environment as part of her commitment to live a greener life. Here's her story:

    Honey Summer 2008  "Over the last 4-5 years, I have really become committed to environmentally conscious living, but have realized that it doesn't and can't on a practical level, happen overnight. So, slowly I have shifted our household's spending to more environmentally conscious products. Whenever I need to replace or or buy something new, I take the time to seek out environmentally friendly alternatives, and if it costs a little more than I thought and we don't need it right away, then I save up to make the purchase (no credit card purchases here). 
    "The idea of seeing exactly how much of our household spending was directed to environmentally friendly products, was what inspired me to get involved in the One in a Million campaign. Regarding the biggest lesson, like I mentioned above, is that sometimes it takes a little research (thank goodness for the Internet) to find environmentally friendly alternatives, but it is worth it. Also, those skeptical partners out there eventually come around. My husband half-jokingly gives me a hard time about being an Eco-nut, but over the last four+ years, I have noticed that when he does the shopping by himself, our reusable shopping bags are filled with the organic groceries and Eco-friendly products that we have become accustom to purchasing. It has become a part of our lifestyle.
    "We live in Mankato, MN which is in south central MN, so sometimes it is difficult to find the products that we are looking for locally, so I will order on line when necessary. We just bought our first house this past July and have committed to using Eco-friendly products and services as we make the place our own. We don't have any pets, but we are expecting our first child in April and our close friends and family already expect that our child will be one of the 'greenest' around.

    "Most definitely I will continue to shift our spending!"

    One_in_a_million HoneyLynn became "One in a Million" when she pledged to shift at least $1,000 of her household budget to more eco-friendly products and services. The idea is not to spend more money. Rather, the campaign inspires consumers to swap out conventional products for ones that are greener and cleaner. If a million women make the shift, we'll create a billion-dollar incentive for manufacturers to "go green." Already, thousands of women have joined the campaign.

    If you're interested,visit Big Green Purse online and download a balance sheet to help you keep track of your budget shifts. When you reach (or exceed) your $1,000 pledge, email us your story, and we'll post it, just like HoneyLynn's.

    Take a look at HoneyLynn's Balance Sheet to see how she shifted her spending:

     Date                   Item                                                          Money Spent

     3/28             Aveda Men’s Shampoo & Women’s Facial Bar             49.22
     3/28             Organic Spinach, Yogurt, & Cereal                              16.00
     3/31             Groceries from Local Food Co-Op                                36.91

    4/5                Groceries                                                                  58.00
    4/12              Electric-Wind Energy                                                  28.00
    4/13              Bamboo hangers & spatula                                         12.00 
    4/13              Groceries                                                                   19.00
    4/15              Cosmetics-Honey Bee Gardens                                   15.44
    4/18              Groceries                                                                   29.73
    4/18              Blue Canoe-Yoga Clothes                                            57.00
    4/19             Groceries from local Food Co-Op                                   48.92
    4/21             Klean Kanteen                                                             34.70
    4/26             Bamboo Hangers                                                            4.00
    4/27             Groceries                                                                     18.00
    4/27             Thrift Store Clothing Purchase                                        37.00

    5/03              Groceries                                                                    20.15
    5/04              Bamboo Cooking Utensil                                                3.00
    5/04              Groceries & Purchase of shares in Co-Op                    138.09
    5/10              Groceries                                                                    25.50
    5/10              Bamboo Hangers & Dishwasher Detergent                       9.38
    5/15              Shopping at local Co-op                                                  9.16
    5/17              Bamboo Hangers & Tom’s Deodorant                               8.23
    5/17              Groceries                                                                     20.58   
    5/25              Groceries                                                                     29.31
    5/25              Apothena-organic facecare                                             79.95
    5/26              Bamboo Hangers                                                            4.00
    5/31             Groceries                                                                      24.97

    06/7             Groceries                                                                      35.34
    06/7             Bamboo Hangers                                                             4.00
    06/7             Bamboo Hangers & Toms Toothpaste                                8.18
    06/7             Local Honey                                                                    5.59
    06/7             Nurture My Body-Organic Hair Care                                 27.00
    6/15             Laundry Detergent & Bamboo Hangers                            17.00
    6/15             Farmer’s Market                                                            10.00
    6/15             Groceries                                                                      24.30
    6/16             Klean Kanteen                                                               33.00
    6/16             Alima Cosmetics                                                            15.00
    6/17             Bamboo Socks                                                                6.00
    6/21             Bamboo Hangers                                                             4.00
    6/21             Groceries                                                                      19.63
    6/21             Aveda-Makeup Brushes                                                  99.51

    7/01             Rain Barrel                                                                   200.00
    7/05             Bamboo hangers & Eco-friendly mop                                40.00
    7/05             Groceries                                                                       30.75
    7/05             Farmer’s Market                                                             15.00
    7/08             Bamboo Hangers & Compostable Dusters                          9.00
    7/10             Bamboo Hangers & Toothpaste                                         7.70
    7/12             Farmer’s Market                                                             48.00
    7/13             Groceries                                                                       34.65
    7/17             Composter & Compost Scrap Keeper                             151.00
    7/18             Farmer’s Market                                                             19.00
    7/18             Groceries                                                                       21.80
    7/18             Local Food Co-op                                                           29.15
    7/24             Cleaning Products & Bamboo Hangers                             30.54
    7/25             Farmer’s Market                                                             16.00
    7/25             Groceries                                                                       35.93

    8/03             Groceries                                                                       41.10
    8/05             Local Food Co-op                                                            45.88
    8/10             Bamboo Hangers                                                              4.00
    8/15             Groceries                                                                         6.82
    8/17             Groceries                                                                         4.76
    8/18             Groceries                                                                         3.99
    8/22             Groceries                                                                       13.10
    8/27             Groceries & Bamboo Hangers                                          10.26
    8/28             Groceries, Hangers, & Dish soap                                     10.26
    8/30             Cleaning Product                                                              3.29
    8/29             Groceries                                                                       15.52

                        Total                                                                          $1,992.29



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    Marion Roach Smith

    I love this. Here's what we're doing. This year we're giving our 13-year-old daughter the same amount we spent on her last year, but this year it's in cash, asking her to give it away as she chooses. An avid go-green teenager, just like her peers, we can't wait to see where she chooses to put her money.

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