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    Environmental In-Box: Softlips Pure Organic Lip Conditioner

    Lips Are you paying attention to your lips?

    Considering how many times you lick them each day, maybe you should. Many conventional lip products are made from ingredients you'd never DREAM of wiping your tongue on, like pesticides, dyes, and parabens. Lipstick may even contain lead. Ewww!

    Good news: Conventional cosmetic companies like Softlips are extending their product lines to include pure organic lip conditioners in a variety of flavors.

    About the Product: Pure Softlips is USDA Organic Certified. It's made of 100% natural ingredients, 95% of which are organic. You can get it in five different flavors, including Acai Berry, Honeydew, Papaya, Pomegranate, and Peppermint.

    Softlips What We Like: In addition to the fact that Softlips uses certified ingredients, its price is comparable to conventional products (see below) and it's easy to buy in many retail outlets. Pure Softlips is cruelty free (animal testing is not conducted). In addition, the balm is sold in recyclable materials that include a minimum of plastic and are printed with vegetable-based ink. It's not too greasy but still leaves lips feeling soothed. The flavors are pleasant, and the fragrance is not overwhelming.

    There are no dyes or tints in Softlips, so don't expect it to impart anything more than a subtle shine - which is just fine if you're planning to pucker up and don't want to leave any evidence behind.

    Are you are allergic to gluten? Softlips pure organic lip conditioner is gluten-free (other lip glosses may list wheat as an ingredient). 

    What We Don’t Like: Softlips' entire product line needs the same make-over it's given to its "Pure" brand. The company's standard products contain nasty compounds like petroleum, toluene and parabens. That's a no-no for Big Green Purse fans. We hope the company will raise its entire product line to "Pure" standards.

    Plus, five of us in the office tried different Pure Softlips flavors. We all liked the tastes - but we found the applicator tube itself way too small...and not because we have big lips! Softlips could double the size of the applicator, make the product last twice as long, and reduce packaging that comes from having to buy two applicators rather than one.

    Product Comparison:

    Burt’s Bees Lip Balm:
    “Earth Friendly Natural Personal Care for The Greater Good”
    The ingredients are 95.29% natural, and include ultra-emollient lanolin, coconut and sunflower oil, and beeswax. TThe tube is made of recycled plastic.
    Herbal Choice  Herbal Choice uses natural herbs and oils to moisturize lips; the color from the tinted lip balms derives from natural fruit powders to provide sheer color.
    • Paraben Free, Preservative Free, Mineral Oil Free.
    • No Synthetic Additives, Fragrance Free.
    • Pure & Natural Formula.
    • Organic Ingredients.
    • Allergen Free, Non Sticky.
    • No Animal Testing, Vegan.
    • Earth & Skin Friendly.

    Eco Lips - Uses high concentrations of certified organic ingredients like green tea and kiwi.

    Dr. Bronner’s All-One Organic Lip Balm: Dr. Bronner’s lip balms are USDA Certified Organic, and are made of natural oils and beeswax. The product is not animal tested; ingredients include natural organic hemp, pure organic oils and beeswax free of petrochemically modified ingredients. Organic essential oils infuse the balms with fragrance.

    Price Comparison:
    Pure Softlips - Lip Conditioners priced at $3.69

    Burt’s Bees: Beeswax Lip Balm $3.00

    Herbal Choice: Vitamin E lip balm $3.95

    Eco Lips: Free shipping with orders over $15
    Eco Lips Organic Lip Balm- $1.99
    Eco Tint Line $3.99
    Eco Energy lip balm3.49

    Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lip Balm
    Lip Balms priced at $ 2.99

    How Many Purses for Softlips? Two. We love the ingredients in Pure Softlips. But the applicator is too small, forcing us to buy two when one larger one would last longer. We also want to see Softlips raise the bar for its entire product line. Softlips should be "pure," through and through.

    Green purse

    Green purse



    by Sophia Bambalis


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    Kye Swenson

    I'm assuming Pure SoftLips will come in larger tubes within the next year, assuming people keep buying the product. Sometimes companies rollout a new product in smaller sizes in case it doesn't generate much sales. It's nice to see that companies are beginning to come out with health care and beauty products that are eco-friendly. Target actually now has an awesome eco-friendly website with a great gift card deal that includes a free reusable tote bag with each card. For anyone interested, check it out here:

    Diane MacEachern

    Kye, Thanks for the insight, and glad to know about your website! Diane

    Amber S.

    I'm so happy to hear that Soft Lips has an organic line..I've always like their product. They are also capitalizing on the trendy flavors-of-the-moment, so I'm sure it will sell well. Go Organic!!

    Bianca F.

    I think this is an excellent product! I am always licking my lips which definitely dries them out. I used to use Carmex until I read that it was not a healthy lip balm to use. I'm also happy that they have a variety of flavors and I'm sure my boyfriend will be happy too!


    Wow, I do lick my lips a is really scary to think about what I am putting in my mouth :(. I am glad to hear that Soft Lips has an organic line and I definitely also hope they convert all of their products to organic.

    Allison Miller

    I love peppermint so I had to give the Made from Earth organic "Tea Tree Shampoo" and "Peppermint Conditioner" a try. I've used Castille soaps before and never really loved the distinct smell they have.

    Anyway, the Peppermint Condition er and the Tea Tree Shampoo (from Made from Earth)are amazing and I LOVE the way it smells. And it really is true that you get a bit of tingle from the mint.

    I only use sulfate-free washes because they don't make me dry and itchy. Sulfate-free washes are pretty hard to find so do yourself a favor and buy this wash!

    mineral foundation

    It is great that more and more manufacturers are deciding to go organic with their ingredients. It lets you know that they care about the customers and world.

    Mindy J

    I have to admit I saw the Made from Earth Organic Hair Care products one evening on a TV commercial and it intrigued me, but I was skeptical. I decided to buy some online –
    It took a little getting used to and I did see improved results after about a good month of use. Meaning it took that long to adjust to how much I should use, technique, etc. I have finer hair that never really could get enough moisture from conditioners. The ends would always feel dry, no matter how often I go for trims. This cleansing conditioner calmed my hair and really moisturized it. It doesn’t feel heavy, doesn’t look greasy, and I have no more fly away hairs.

    Lastly, the Peppermint smell of the conditioner is soooo relaxing and fresh. I love it. Its called the Peppermint Herbal Conditioner, and it comes with the Tea Tree Shampoo in a package.

    N Mills

    I will only use lip balms that are made out of all natural ingredients and don't contain parabens or any petroleum products. I consider myself to be a lip balm connoisseur because I have literally tried over 30 kinds of lip balm. I prefer either minty or fruity lip balms, so when I heard that the Made from Earth Spearmint and Blueberry Balm was really minty, I had to try it!

    If this lip balm was so thick and waxy, it would be one of the best. I love it because it is made with natural ingredients, and because it is nice and minty which makes your lips tingle. Unfortunately, it is very thick and waxy and it doesn't glide on my lips like other lip balms do. That is my only complaint.

    I would recommend it to others to try because I am a little picky when it comes to lip products, so it might just be me.

    Order Flowers

    Mostly females much like your articles than others.I have finer hair that never really could get enough moisture from conditioners.The ends would always feel dry, no matter how often I go for trims. This cleansing conditioner calmed my hair and really moisturized it.I was looking this kind of stuff.

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