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    Discovery's New Series Shows What "Life" is All About

    Discovery cheetah Think life is boring? You won't after you watch the Discovery Channel's amazing new series called -- what else? -- "Life."

    Narrated by Oprah Winfrey, each of the eleven episodes features magnificent never-before-seen footage of animals and plants living naturally in the environment: as predators, prey, and even parents. The program is a sequel of sorts to the blockbuster "Planet Earth" series Discovery aired a few years ago. But its focus on the animate world, as opposed to the geologic forces that underpin it, put it in a class of its own.

    Discovery frog You'll find yourself holding your breath as you watch a seal try to escape the jaws of a school of hungry sharks. You'll ooh and aaah at the tiny rainforest frogs that transport their pollywog babies to safety by climbing up treacherous trees to find their safe haven: a bromeliad filled with water where the pollywogs can grow into adults.

    Will the baby ibex outrun a fox on the hunt? You know the law of the land is "eat or be eaten." Still, the ibex is so cute... And in fact, most of the animals are endearing. Unfortunately, some of them end up dead. Parents will want to exercise caution in letting very young children watch the show. But for viewers who can take a real dose of reality tv, watching this series will be as gripping as sitting through "The Bourne Ultimatum" and far more rewarding than environmental fantasies like Avatar.

    If you know anyone who still doubts whether our environment merits protection, sit them down Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET when the series airs. You might have a hard time getting them in the chair, but once you do, they won't want to leave.


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    Love this blog, glad I found you on Twitter. Will watch the show. I had not heard about it so thanks.


    Levinson Axelrod

    Thanks for introducing this show. Will keep this in mind next time I'm looking for a good show to watch.

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