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    Top Ten Ways to Use Less Gas

    Gas pump2 Here we go again: gasoline prices are soaring close to $4.00 a gallon, and several of the countries that export oil to the U.S. are in such political turmoil, we can't be sure our supplies will continue. When, oh when, will we say, "Enough, Already!" and get serious about reducing our dependence on petroleum? 

    The problem isn't just "foreign" oil. Using any kind of fossil fuel to meet our transportation needs is a losing proposition. Drilling for oil wrecks the planet, or have we already forgotten the Gulf Oil disaster? And burning oil generates climate-changing carbon dioxide and nasty particles that create asthma-inducing smog.

    If you're in the market for a new car, take a look at electric options like the Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf. Gas-electric hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius or Ford Fusion merit consideration, too. Aim to buy the most fuel-efficient vehicle in your price range; this site maintained by the U.S. Department of Energy, will help you compare your choices.

    But most of us can't just go out and buy a new set of wheels (unless they're on a bicycle). These ten tips offer the fastest, easiest ways you can save gas and money, no matter what kind of car you drive.

    1. Drive smart - Avoid quick starts and stops, use cruise control on the highway, and don't idle.

    2. Drive the speed limit - Remember - every 5 mph you drive above 60 mph is like paying an additional $0.10 per gallon for gas.

    3. Drive less - This should be a no-brainer. Walk, bicycle, use a scooter or moped, combine trips, and telecommute to work.

    4. Drive a more fuel-efficient car - Consider one of the new hybrids; at the very least, choose from among the EPA's "Fuel Economy Leaders" in the class vehicle you're considering.

    5. Keep your engine tuned up - Improve gas mileage by an average of 4.1 percent by maintaining your vehicle in top condition.

    6. Carpool - According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, 32 million gallons of gasoline would be saved each day if every car carried just one more passenger on its daily commute.

    7. Use mass transit and "Ride Share" programs - Why pay for gasoline at all?

    8. Keep tires properly inflated - Improve gas mileage by around 3.3 percent by keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure. Replace worn tires with the same make and model as the originals.

    9. Buy the cheapest gas you can find - Buy gas in the morning, from wholesale shopper's clubs, and using gas-company rebate cards. Track neighborhood prices on the Internet.

    10. Support higher fuel-efficiency standards and the development of alternative fuels - Ultimately, our best hope for beating the gas crisis is to increase fuel efficiency while we transition to renewable and non-petroleum based fuels. Endorse efforts to boost average fuel efficiency to at least 40 mpg. Support programs that promote research and development of alternatives to transportation systems based on oil.

    If you do want to get rid of an existing vehicle, here's how you can recycle it.


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    Hi Dianne,

    Your post is step in the right in the UK, we pay just over 10USD per gallon. In light of the current economic situation here, many drivers are forced to seriously consider how to get the best mileage from their car.

    I'm planning to get a Honda Hybrid as it gives great mileage as well as satisfaction that I am doing my bit to help lower the impact on the environment.

    tyre balancer

    I agree.. Having your car tuned up properly and in peak operating condition is a pretty obvious way to improve fuel efficiency. Choosing the right kind of vehicle is one of the best fuel economy tips of all if it is time to replace your car.

    Molly P.

    Yes, all of us can benefit from the tips offered above and this will definitely be a good help for all of us. Using less gas can can also lessen carbon emissions that plays a big part in climate change. Installation of window tints can also help lessen the use of gas. Window tints can be an extra in a car but it sure can make a difference. Though we are in the midst of a “do-it-yourself” revolution and although the cable home shows make everything look easy the real do-it-yourselfer has come to realize nothing is as easy as it looks. The same can be said for DIY window film projects. So it is highly recommended tints are professionally done. In the long run, you will realize it's worth your time and money. Trusted sites such as informs consumers about the relevant facts on window tints such as type of tints, quotations and will help you locate the best professional tinter near your area.

    Led Icicle Lights

    Change your driving habits. Use more cruising in your driving, and use higher gears more often. If possible, go for a manual geared automobile instead of an automatic one. Nowadays, many automatic cars also come with manual shifts to allow flexibility for the car owner.

    Jocelyn Corlett

    I think #2 is the most useful tip here. Just stick to the speed limit! With that, you're able to achieve three things: you get to obey the rules of the road, you maximize your car's fuel, and you avoid accidents. Driving fast suddenly sounds less fun, huh? :)

    Diane MacEachern

    Yes, drive the speed limit! It would help if we had bumper stickers that said "I drive the speed limit" to encourage other drivers to do the same.

    car finance

    We really need a more widespread adaption of electric cars in order to not run out of fossil fuels before we can find other alternative energy sources.

    auto finance

    I'm not sure it's possible to impose higher fuel-efficiency standards. What the government can do is provide incentives such as tax breaks to motivate car manufacturers to focus on fuel-efficient vehicles.

    Immanuel Llorens

    Saving gas helps us save money and helps save the Earth from pollution. Reduced gas consumption also means less carbon dioxide emissions. These tips are very helpful in helping reduce air pollution.


    In addition, keeping your vehicle well maintained with fresh oil and other fluids, is one of the best ways to improved gas mileage.

    Diane MacEachern

    Absolutely. I get my oil changed every 3,000 miles or so.

    limo hire perth

    I agree with the comments. It is important to have a monthly tune up of your cars to make it refreshed. On the other hand, "change oil" should be done at least every 3000 miles and above.

    coal seam gas australia

    I am advocating the use of small cars compared to large SUV ones. Smaller cars mean less gas consumption. I also recommend walking to a nearby destination or using a bike.

    Rig My Roll

    Brilliant tips! Our household is just one of the families in our neighborhood that uses bicycles for exercise and errands. We had this setup to keep our carbon footprints low as well as save on fuel cost.

    Diane MacEachern

    Glad to hear it!

    PlumbArena Plumbing Spares

    Researching the best plumbers in your area isn't difficult. You can find many websites online with databases of plumbers in your local area. The internet has made the process of finding a plumber way easier. There are a couple of things you should be aware of before choosing a plumber.

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