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    Natural Teething Toys, Fragrance-Free Baby Lotion Offer Moms & Babies, Safer, Healthier Options

    Finding non-toxic baby products can be a real challenge for new moms. It's hard to know what to look for or where to find it, and with all the greenwashing that goes on, no mom could be blamed if she doubted a manufacturer's claims that its product was "natural" or safe. That may be the main reason why EcoCentric Mom's Baby Boxes are so valuable. Each month, they include a selection of safe and healthy products free of artificial fragrances and dangerous chemicals you don't need to hesitate putting on your baby or yourself, either, for that matter.

    Feb. Baby Box(1) Here's what came in this month's Baby Box:

    Family Bedrock Siliconies Diamond Bangle - This phthalate-free silicone ring is big enough for baby to hold onto, yet narrow enough to get inside a tiny mouth. It seems perfect for teething or just playing around.

    Ringley Natural Teething Toys - These toys comine untreated Maplewood and 100% organic cotton terrycloth, perfect when your tot needs to do a little gnawing to soothe the new teeth poking through her gums.

    In Love with Bodycare Baby Love Soothing Salve - This salve may be for baby, but I have found it perfect for my dry winter skin. It contains yarrow, calendula, and cypress, and I can imagine it is pretty effective on minor diaper rashes as well as parched skin.

    Lafes Natural Baby Lotion - When your skin just needs a little moisturizing, this lotion will do the trick. It's so light, it's almost creamy. You'll love the gentle fragrance, too.

    Celadon Road Green Alligator Bubble Bath - You may find you're keeping this bubble bath for yourself, but that really wouldn't be fair to baby, would it? I particularly like the citrus fragrance, especially when I use it as a body wash.

    Life Tree Citrus Dish Soap - Speaking of citrus, this dish soap will make you think of oranges while it cuts the grease on your dishes. Plus, it's gentle on your hands, always a plus in my kitchen.

    Athena Greek Yogurt Bar - I'm generally not a fan of protein bars, but this one is different - it tastes like real food on the inside, and the yogurt coating on the outside is not too sweet. I tried the blueberry, but you can also get the bars in pumpkin spice latte and pomegranate/acai.

    Goulibeur French Shortbread - If you like shortbread, you'll love Goulibeur. It's light, flavorful, and just the right amount of sweet.

    Blue Green Organix $20 Gift Card - This gift card gives me the opportunity to do some online shopping for certified organic poultry or seafood (meat, too, though I'm not a meat eater), plus natural supplements and body care products.

    Want to join EcoCentric Mom? Here's the info:


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    Renton Auto Body Shop

    This has been a big help for me and my baby. Thanks.

    gerecycled geschenken

    This post is very helpful for the mothers.The toys are Eco friendly and good for kids.

    Natural Baby Products Australia

    Thanks for the time and effort to put this box of green baby friendly products together. It's always good to know about products that are available.

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