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    EcoCentric Mom Box Review: Ooh, Aah, and Yum

    MayMomBox1Large (1) (2)Every Ecocentric Mom Box comes packed with a selection of interesting, useful and tasty treats that help me make healthier, more eco-friendly choices when I shop. Here's the lowdown on what's in this month's box:


    Kallari Organic Chocolate Bar - I've written before why it's so important for chocolate to be produced organically. And when you shift your spending to organic chocolate, you encourage more conventional manufacturers to become more organic, too. Your purse power aside, Kallari chocolates make the shift worthwhile just because they taste so good. The 70% cacao bar included in this month's Ecocentric Mom Box was smooth, creamy and very flavorful. Plus, I love the fact that Kallari is produced via a cooperative of 850 indigenous Kichwa families in the Ecuadorian Amazon basin. The cooperative shares 100% of their profits among 21 rainforest communities to "maintain our way of life in one of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth." Try a bar!

    Gnu Bar - This "flavor & fiber" bar tastes good (well, it is chocolate...see above) and actually seems like real food, as opposed to many power or nutrition bars.

    Orgain Certified Organic Nutritional Shake - If you're the type who prefers to drink your breakfast or have a power shake after a workout, Orgain is worth a look. In addition to a sample shake, the Mom Box included an offer code to receive 40% off the sales of price of Orgain online.


    I appreciate the various cleaning products Ecocentric Mom has introduced me to over the past few months. Here are a few new options I'm trying out, thanks to the May box.

    Fisika Soap - This handmade olive oil soap lathers up nicely but leaves no sticky residue the way some soaps do.

    Branch Basics - This concentrated liquid spray cleaner is gentle enough for your hands but effective enough to treat clothing stains and kitchen grease.

    doTerra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Lemon Essential Oil - Essential oils come in handy when you want to make your own home cleansers, mosquito repellents, and pot pourri. doTerra recommends using its lemon essential oil for all that - plus in a tea or by itself to soothe a sore throat.


    Elma & Sana Argan Oil Lip Balm - The argan oil for this product is purchased directly from certified organic cooperatives in Morocco. It feels very rich and emollient, and the peppermint flavor does not overwhelm the balm.

    Coco Plum Soothe Spray - Just in time for summer, this skin spray will help relieve sunburn, rash, and itch. It's crafted from organic green tea, aloe vera, and a clend of essential oils.

    Purely You Minerals Satin Plum Eye-Shadow - Purely You Minerals handmakes all natural, gluten free, and cruelthy free products. No nano particles, either. Not into eye shadow? Try some of their other products, including blush and lip balm.

    Pura Botanica's Botanic Bath Infusion - Rose Retreat - Bath infusions are three-in-one bath therapies that combine restorative minearal sea salts, fragrant essential oils, and herbs and flowers. Pour the infusion under running water in your tub, then sit back, breathe deeply, and relax...

    Water Wipes - These soft, water-based wipes can be used when you don't have access to cloth for baby's bottom, a kid's sticky face, or to remove unwanted make-up at the end of the day.


    One of the "extras" in every Mom Box comes in the form of discount coupons. This month's cards included:

    Indigenous - A $15 gift card from this clothing company that makes stylish sweaters, tunics, scarves and more out of organic and fair trade cotton and wool in South America.

    GreenDeals- A $5 gift card you can use on pretty much any of the daily deals offered on this site, where a variety of eco-friendly products are vetted by Green America.

    GoGreen Marketplace - A $5 gift card you can use on any of the products offered in this marketplace, from cosmetics and cleansers to clothing and accessories.

    Not a member of EcoCentric Mom? It's easy - just sign up here!

     Full Disclosure - EcoCentric Mom pays me to review their Mom box every month and provide my honest opinion to them and to you, our readers. I also receive a very small commission if someone decides to subscribe to EoCentric Mom from this blog. These small fees help me to continue to provide you with helpful and timely information. They in no way influence my opinion of the products I review. Thanks.








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