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    EcoCentric Mom Box Review: Natural Lotions, Snacks, Soaps, and More

    Even though the summer can be humid, my skin seems to stay dry all year long. I'm always on the prowl for plant-based skin moisturizers that soothe dry skin without staying sticky or clammy. This month's EcoCentric Mom Box filled the bill, with samples of two different moisturizers from Pure + Remedy. Though designed to be light enough for your face, I've been slathering them on my hands and enjoying instant relief. Both the Gentle Hydrating Facial Moisturizer and the Vitamin C Concentrate Facial Moisturizer are rich in natural oils and anti oxidants.

    Screen small I'm enjoying the other personal care products EcoCentric Mom sent as well, including:

    Possum Hollow Farm Soap - Made by a small family business in Pennsylvania, this non-irritating soap contains a variety of oils, including coconut, palm kernal, oilve, rice bran, soybean, and blood orange. There's shea butter and nutmeg, too, so you get nice and clean without drying out.

    Suncoat Sugar Based Natural Mascara - If I use mascara, I want to avoid the nasty chemicals found in many commercial products (vinyls, acrylics, parabens, glycols, I'm talkin' to you!). This option from Suncoat relies on kaolin clay and vitamin E to build lash volume and length. Plus, it doesn't seem to smudge.

    Suncoat Girl Nail Polish - The same company that makes the mascara makes nail polish, too. The polish is free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, acetates, and VOCs. You know how most polish stinks when you put it on? Not Suncoat! I immediately polished my toes with it when I opened it and loved the result.

    When it comes to really personal care products, many women are interested in alternatives to tampons and sanitary napkins. This month's EcoCentric Mom Box includes a $10 Gift Card for the "Keeper" or the "Moon Cup," innovative and reusable systems to deal with your monthly period without generating a lot of paper and plastic waste.

    Speaking of waste, UCan Products has developed an "Untrash Compostable Bag" system to help reduce the amount of food people waste every month. This month's EcoCentric Mom box features Untrash Compostable Bags, including sandwich bags as well as those fitting a 3 gallon can and a 13-gallon can.

    You can always count on EcoCentric Mom to send some taste treats, and this month was no exception. I particularly liked the Truebar, by Bakery on Main, made from Chia seeds and various low glycemic sweeteners. It's dairy-free, certified gluten free, and non-GMO, too.

    If you prefer something a bit crunchier, try the Ips All Natural Chips, made from egg white protein and non-GMO corn. One of my friends tried the Cinnamon sugar chip and said they reminded her (in a good way) of pork rinds - without the pork!

    If those snacks leave you thirsty, brew up a cup of Moontime Tea's Organic Fertility Blend, a combination of naturally caffeine free plants, like organic red raspberry, red clover and peppermint. (NOTE: This is tasty even if you're NOT trying to get pregnant!).

    If you'd rather something cold, add MacroLife Naturals probiotics to a glass of milk, seltzer, or filtered water. Several samples came in this month's box; so far, I've tried the Coco Greens and was pleasantly surprised by the chocolatey, not-too-sweet flavor.

    Another nice feature of the monthly EcoCentric Mom box is that it usually contains gift coupons you can redeem for yourself or others. This time around, I found a $5 Instagrad Gift that will allow me to contribute directly to a niece's college savings plan. How easy is that?


    If you'd like to receive your own monthly box of goodies from EcoCentric Mom, you can sign up here.You can sign up for a trial run, or get it for a year. Up to you.

    NOTE: Big Green Purse is paid to review the monthly boxes. We also receive a tiny commission if anyone from our community opts to receive their own box. These commissions helps us continue to provide our unbiased and expert reviews to you for free. Thanks!





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